Thursday was the Young Author’s Tea at M.’s school.  Parents were invited to come hear their children read some of the stories and other writing their kids have created over the past few months.  The children each got to pick two pieces, and we divided up into small groups of about five or six children and their visitors.  M. read a “How to” piece on how to convince your parents to get you a dog.  As I was listening to it the style sounded familiar somehow, and it later struck me that it was a similar style to the Mo Willems books about the Pigeon.  She really loves those books, as well as the Elephant and Piggie books, and I think she adopted some of his writing style unintentionally. 


Her second selection was a book about pottery, describing the different shapes and colors of pots you can make, what to do when you run out of clay, and how long it takes to dry.  Her experience is limited to air-dry pottery and her battery-powered pottery wheel, but she fully described what she knows.  


I was, as always, very proud of her.  Her writing was fun, and she is always a great performer.  While some of the other kids were there to read their stories, she was definitely there to perform for her audience.


As someone who enjoys writing so much, I have to admit that it makes me happy that all three of my kids think of themselves as writers to some extent.  Both of my older kids tend to have a story or book in mind or that they’re working on, and it doesn’t seem to occur to them that that is not necessarily something not everyone does.   I write, their dad wanted to write, so they write.  I hope M. feels the same way as she gets older.