I said that I would try to write something every day.  The problem is the days like today when I have 10,000 things to DO and very little to SAY.

My windscreen has a mysterious crack in it.  I need to price out replacing it and figure out how soon I can do it.  Obviously the sooner the better so it doesn’t actually break.  I already shoveled the snow on the stairs and the back and front walkways, moved the trash cans over to the garage door so I can access them from inside, threw in a load of laundry, took down all the Christmas decorations and got M. down for a nap.

We visited Chris’s best friend and his family yesterday and saw their new baby.  She is two months old, and adorable.  I got to hold her quite a bit, which was very cool, and of course it made me want another one.  Not that we’ll be having another one because we already have three kids here and I’m not sure I could keep up with another.  M. keeps me running all day, and that’s plenty for right now.

I need to figure out exactly how much I need to make a week/hour so that I can figure out exactly what I need as far as work goes.  I would like to stay home with M. as much as possible, but I’m not opposed to working part-time if I can get away with it.

So that’s it for now.  I will write again tomorrow, unless I think of something stunningly important to say later.