I have kept pretty busy lately, so I haven’t had a chance to post at the same time as I’ve had the energy to do so in a while.  Since that seems to always be the case I’ve decided to just put posting on my daily “To Do” list so that I’ll fit it in somewhere.

I have continued freelancing for the company I’ve been working with for a while.  It doesn’t pay much, but I’m getting experience writing all different types of articles, so that’s a plus.  I’ve also been contracted to write some back story for an educational game, and that actually pays enough to make it worth my effort.  Not that I can be choosy right now since I’m just starting out, but it’s nice to make money too!

We have had about three feet of snow this month, so my yard is unmanageable.  I am so tired of snow.  I want to move, preferably to North Carolina, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.  In the mean time, I’m just glad I don’t have an “outside the house” job.

I will be welcoming a guest blogger in the next day or two, fellow blogger Nichole Bazemore, so you can look forward to that.  She is a copywriter, freelancer and mom and I really like her  blog at Simply Stated Solutions .