The Gentle Walk, Of Life
Image by Poe Tatum via Flickr

So here we are on the first day of a new month, and it’s time to take stock of how last month turned out.  All told, I had a pretty good April.  Yes, I do have to move, but really that was the only negative, albeit a big one.  Now, I’m packing and sorting, and starting to be excited about finding a new place–a fresh start.  But let’s get to it–the April reckoning.

My Goals for April (and results)

1) Book review to client by 4/22/11.  I got my first review done and to the client well ahead of schedule.  She assigned me another, which I have also turned in.  I’m now working on my third, which is due in May.
2) Be half way through my novel rewrite by the end of the month.  I’m there!  Ok, it took me until 10 p.m. last night (April 30th), but I did it and I’m ready to start on the second half.
3) Pick up two more freelance jobs.  This is half and half, so I can’t consider it a goal I met.  I was offered one project, which I turned down because it wasn’t anything I would want to do.  Ever.  I’ve tentatively accepted a new ghost/co-writing job.  It’s too early to say much other than that it’s a memoir and I’ll be working on it this week to see if it can go anywhere.
4) Publish three more articles on Associated Content and/or Helium (or similar sites).  Fail.  I did try to write a couple, but was so bored with the topics I picked that they just didn’t pan out.  I mean, if I’m that bored writing them, who’d want to read them?
5) Blog each weekday.  I was doing well with this until all the court “stuff” pulled the rug out from under me a bit.  I’m ready to get back on track now, and I still consider this one a success because I did come close to blogging as planned, and I now have a schedule of sorts and a plan for what I want to post.  That’s a far cry from my former “stare at the blank page and curse” method of blogging.d

There it is.  My review of April in black and white.  And blue.

I’d also like to say thank you to Joe Barlow for his #FF mention last week, and welcome to anyone reading this because of him.

Coming soon:  May Goals!