I haven’t posted in a while because when I’ve had time I’ve had nothing to say, and when I’ve had something to say I haven’t had time.  Mostly, I just haven’t had time.  I need to vent today so here I am.

Yesterday I took my one-year-old (as of Tuesday) to her check-up and in the process found out she has an ear infection.  She also got three vaccinations, two of which can cause fever and other reactions.  She was up in the middle of the night when her dose of Tylenol ran out, and then woke this morning a little bit fevery, pretty cranky, and in need of more Tylenol.  I wanted to stay home from work with her instead of sending her out with her dad to my in-laws for the day while I work until 6 p.m. tonight.  That’s when I ran into my usual problem:  Is she sick enough for me to stay home, or should I just go to work.

*This* is why I hate American business.  This decision right here.  How the fuck is it even an issue if the baby is sick whether or not I should stay home with her?  She’s a baby, she’s sick, she wants her mommy, easy choice, right?  Well, no it’s not.  Because I’ve already used two sick days this year.  Because it’s only nearing the end of March and I have only three more sick days for the year.  So I have to consider *how* sick she is, not just that she needs me.  Because if she gets sicker at a later date, I’m going to need those sick days.  Or if I get sick or her brother or sister get sick, I might need them then.

Plus, I have been “reminded” (read that “unofficially warned and scolded”) that I have only three sick days left.  I’ve had the unmittigated nerve to actually USE some of my sick days and might, god forbid, use the others.

I am so fucking tired of working for a crappy company that just doesn’t give a shit about it’s workers, and certainly not about their families.  I am even more angry that there isn’t any other kind of company any more, they are all the same.  I am incensed that the way things are in business right now, I am actually one of the LUCKY ones because I get sick time at all, and have insurance and paid vacation.  I’ve worked at lots of companies that don’t.

When the hell did we become so completely fucked up as a country that we are downright GRATEFUL to work at a job where we, and our families by extension, are regularly reminded that we are not in any way important other than as cogs in the business machine, and just as easily replaced?  When did getting fucked on a daily basis become a job benefit, if only because the alternative is to not have a job at all?

I want to be proud of our country.  I want to say we live in the greatest country in the world.  But if I do, I actually want to mean it and *believe* that it’s true.  I want it to be true because we actually *are* great, not just because we don’t suck as much as the others.  Was that ever the case, or did America just have better PR at one time?