IMG_1184I’ve been trying to walk more in an effort to be healthier.  At work we take walks in the morning and afternoon, twice around the building.  I’ve also been eating lunch at my desk while I work so that I can spend my half-hour lunch walking.  There is a trail pretty much right next door to my building, about a minute’s walk away, so I punch out, walk out for 15 minutes, then turn around and come back.  The trail goes in two directions, one on either side of the street.  One side includes a wooden bridge over the street below, and some houses in the woods.  The other goes through a white birch bog and has nicer houses in the woods.  Both are nice, flat, well-maintained trails, very wide and clear.  I love both ways, and enjoy the time away from my desk each day.  I go whenever it’s not raining now that the weather is warmer.  The picture above is one of the trail paths, headed back toward the road.