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Good question.   The answer, right now, is losing my mind.

Ok, not really, but sometimes it feels that way.  Here is what has gone on in the last week, work-wise:

1.  I took a job at the local library as a page.  (I may have mentioned this, and I’m pretty sure I tweeted about it.)  I am only working 6 hours a week, and the pay isn’t much, but I love libraries in general and mine in particular.  Plus, if I’m there twice a week to work, maybe my books won’t always be overdue!

2) I’ve arranged a fairly good schedule of guest bloggers for Wednesdays this month, and two weeks each month to follow. I’d like to do it every Wednesday, but I don’t know if I’ll have enough material for that just now.

3) I started writing on as the “Mansfield Parenting and Family 101 Examiner.”  Basically, I report on anything and everything local that could interest or affect parents and kids.  My town isn’t exactly action central, but between local events and stories, and state or national news that is important to my town in some way, I seem to be doing ok.  It’s a pay-per-click job, but I can see what I’m earning daily, and as long as it keeps increasing, I’m happy.  Plus, if it’s worth it, I can apply for another Examiner slot after I’ve been writing for them for a bit.

4)  I have been ghost-writing book reviews for a site for a couple of months.  It was an Elance find, and I enjoy it.  I like the person who owns the site, at least what I know of him in our brief interactions, and he has been pleased with my writing.  He recently asked me to take over the site (he’ll retain ownership, there will be a split on profits that is to my liking) and run the whole thing.  I thought about it, asked a bunch of questions, asked a couple more, and said yes.  Right now, I’m trying to learn how the site works (the system he uses, how to upload to this particular site) and taking a crash course in keywords, SEO, Google and various other necessary things.  I’m not a big fan of orientations, I’m more of a jump in and start kind of girl, but this is necessary so we both know what we’re doing.  As he puts it, we need to be speaking the same language–using the system he set the site up with–which is especially important since he’s from Denmark, and I’m not.  He does speak very good English, which is great because I know not a word of Danish.

That has all happened in the last week.  It has been crazy, and fun, and maddening, and exciting all at once.

I’m still packing, still trying to sell the house, still trying to rent something so we have a place to go when it does sell, and I’m still a mom.  Shocking, I know, but it’s sort of a one-way, no refunds, all sales final kind of thing.

So that’s my story Morning Glory.  What’s yours?