I have three birthday parties coming up, all at my house, over the next three weekends.  Things need doing.  A lot of things.  All now. (MUST DO ALL THE THINGS!)

I worked this morning, came home and ate, checked email (aka “screwed around online”), then jumped in.  I was planning a 20/10 but it became a 45/15 instead.  I went up to my older daughter H’s room, she of the birthday party with a bunch of 12-year-old girls tomorrow, which she had cleaned up this morning.  She has a full-size keyboard (all 88 keys, a pedal, a bench, the works) that needed to go live on its stand instead of on her dusty, and often cat-infested, floor.  So I did it.  WITHOUT the directions, which she had apparently cleaned up and put away before leaving for the afternoon.  It’s together, and it’s right.

Next, she had a table that she got for Christmas.  It’s a night-stand size table and the sides are peace signs.  We tried to put it together a month ago, but being fairly cheaply made the screws didn’t fit far enough through to actually be useful at holding things together, so I needed to find my box-o-screws (thank you Dad!) which took no time at all actually.  What took so long was finding time to put the thing together.  Today, I brought my screws up with my screwdriver set, and put that sucker together.

Then I rearranged her room a bit.  It wasn’t in my job description, but to fit the keyboard in against a wall instead of the middle of the rug where it had been squatting, it was necessary.  If she doesn’t like it, she can always move it back if she can figure out a better way (one that doesn’t involve putting the keyboard by the heaters).

Next, I’m on to either the library or a combination of that and M’s room, since most of the stuff that doesn’t belong in the library migrated there from M’s room.  And by most I mean all.  Updates later, if I’m still alive and not buried under a pile of stuffed animals.