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I realize it’s been a couple of days since I posted, and I do actually have two book reviews in the works that will be coming up soon.   Things have just been very busy in my non-writing life so I’ve been caught up with that.  As I mentioned before, Monday was H.’s 11th birthday.  Yesterday (Sunday) was M.’s birthday party for her 3rd birthday, which is actually on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting the house ready and getting all the necessary decorations and favors.  It’s been exhausting, but also good because it’s progress I can actually see.

Friday I decided to rip the carpet out of the downstairs hallway, an area not much bigger than a stair landing.  The carpet predates our buying the house by quite a bit, and was a disaster.  Cleaning it would have had no real effect, and our former dog (now living with my ex) destroyed areas of it around the doors trying to dig her way into/out of the rooms.  The floor underneath is the same wood as the living room, not just plywood.  Even though the floor is not in good shape cosmetically, it’s still a lot better than the carpet was.  I want to do the hall stairs too, because they’re also real wood, but not until M. is done with the stage where she still could potentially fall down them.  No need to make them slippery.

Sunday’s party went very well.  All of my in-laws came as well as my mom and Cliff, and M. had a blast with her cousin, C.  C. is three months older than M. and they play as well together as can be expected of two girls their age.  They had a great time, the food was good (with Chris’s help) and the house isn’t totally destroyed.

I’m still recovering from all the work, and there is a little more cleanup to do, but I’ll be posting at least one of the reviews either today or tomorrow. I broke my writing chain on Friday, and haven’t picked it up yet.  I decided since I had already missed a day I’d take the weekend off instead of driving myself crazy trying to find time.  I’ll restart today though.  I’ve decided I really want to spend more time now on rewriting and editing than on new work, unless I think of a great idea that can’t wait.

How did everyone else’s weekend go?