Get your kids vaccinated.

There is no connection–NONE–between vaccinating your kids and Autism.

There is no vaccine conspiracy.

If you don’t vaccinate your children, you are putting other children–the ones too young or too sick or too immune compromised to be vaccinated–in danger. YOU are putting children in danger. Not the drug companies who make the vaccines. YOU.

I don’t care what your religious beliefs are, I’m pretty sure spreading disease isn’t endorsed by God, Jesus, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha or any other figure in religious history.

If you do not get your children vaccinated, you are doing them a huge disservice.

It is ignorant. It is irresponsible. I don’t care if you don’t want to. I don’t care if you home school.

Unless you live in an extremely isolated commune where you grow your own food, never leave, have absolutely NO contact with the outside world EVER, you need to do the smart thing and get your kids vaccinated.

Even if you do live like that, not vaccinating your children is practically child abuse. Your job as a parent is, in part, to protect your children, yet you feel fine or even righteous for exposing them to some of the most painful and unpleasant, even deadly, diseases we know how to prevent.

Don’t be ignorant. This isn’t your choice. If you take part in society, not vaccinating your children is the equivalent to walking into a public school and releasing a bio-toxin. That is what you are taking the chance of doing.

Think vaccines are dangerous? Read up on measles. Mumps. All the diseases we had pretty much wiped out in the western world until you ignorant idiots decided to stop vaccinating your children.

Don’t agree? TOO BAD. Get your kids vaccinated.