I am exhausted. This has been a stressful time for us financially, as it has been for pretty much everyone who’s not Oprah or Bill Gates, and it’s hard to sleep when you’re stressing about bills. I’m waiting to hear back about a part-time job that probably won’t pay as much as collecting unemployment does, but I think I would enjoy it. It’s doing something I’ve done before (working as a church secretary) and liked, only on a smaller scale and closer to home. I would be able to be home with the kids plenty still, and could write and craft and try to build my Avon business if I still want to do that. I really like the idea of selling crafts. I love making things. It seems more like playing than working, and making money doing something I enjoy would be great. I’m not giving up writing though. I still enjoy that, I’m just rustier than I thought and it’s taking more time and effort getting back into the habit than I thought it would.

I took a break to fully caffeinate. A cup or so of coffee, and now a Diet Coke–the breakfast of champions. Or at least of many suburban moms. Actually, I’m more of a rural mom, but that conjures up visions of farm wives, and I’m so very not that. The town I live in is rural, but it’s also a college town so it’s been built up over the years since the college was started in the 1800’s. There are still farms, but mostly small ones with vegetable stands. Of course there are still cows. Lots of cows.

My day today will consist of the ongoing battle with the dishes and the laundry, and hopefully working on some stamping projects I wanted to get started during M.’s nap. Or possibly another decorated box. I’m unsure which I want to do first. Also, I’d like to reacquaint our hall carpets with the vacuum cleaner. I think that might be a nice touch. I also want to make a batch of mini-quiches for H.’s lunches or breakfasts this week. I’m just not sure I have the right cheese. I’ll have to check.

Ok, enough babbling, time to eat some actually food and get moving. I’ve been busy with M. this morning, and now it’s lunchtime which is my usual start time for the day after spending time feeding M. and reading and playing with her. All my body wants to do is go back to bed, but my head has PLANS for today. Wish me luck.