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If your kitchen is anything like mine, the cabinet under your sink is a black hole for cleaning supplies, sponges and anything else that didn’t have a place and ended up there.  Now is the time to organize it!  It won’t take nearly as long as you think.  Getting it done allows you to have everything you need easily accessible and ready to use.  You also won’t keep buying sponges because the cabinet under your sink has eaten the last ones you bought, even though you know they’re in there somewhere.  Let’s get started!

Empty and Clean

The first thing you need to do is pull everything out from under the sink.  Every last cloth, spray bottle and whatever else you find under there. As you pull things out, look at what they are and how old they are.  Is that carpet cleaner you bought two houses ago really going to do you any good?  Especially if your current house doesn’t have carpet!  If anything is old, leaky, broken or just not useful to you now, toss it.  Once everything is out of the cabinet, clean it.  Vacuum out any dust and wipe the whole thing down.  Once it’s completely clean I recommend either lining the bottom with either shelf paper or a non-stick mat so that cleaning the cabinet in the future is easier.

Storing Spray Cleaners

One of the best ways I’ve seen to store spray cleaners is to put up an extendable curtain rod inside of the cabinet about 3/4 of the way up from the bottom and hang the spray bottles from it.  You can find fairly thin rods at Walmart and many other stores, and there are some from Amazon here.

Back of the Door

There are various ways to use the back of the door.  Shelves, rods and hooks all can help you organize this area and make better use of what is frequently wasted space.  You can use shelves to store plastic wrap, foil and waxed paper boxes, put up a paper towel holder, a towel rod for dish towels, or hooks to hold cleaning tools.  Whatever works best for you.  I like this garage bag holder personally.

At the bottom

For the bottom of the cabinet, stacking boxes or slide-out drawers make a great choice.  There are also shelves made specifically for under the sink that adjust around the pipes so you can make use of as much space as possible.

If you need a few more ideas, here are some good ones from other blogs.

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How to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink (1)