My new article is up on Yahoo/Associated Content.  It’s about a local museum that I love, the William Benton Museum here in Storrs.  You can see the article here:

I am EXHAUSTED today.  Admittedly, I got to sleep very late, but I also dozed off through two Disney movies this morning while M. watched them, so you’d think that would have counted for something.  Apparently not, given my current state of half-awake bleariness.  I wrote anyway though.  Nothing to be published, just a dialogue piece for the Promptly prompt to use “guitar, scar and your hometown” in a piece.   But it gave me my 750 words for today, so I’m happy with it.

Is anyone else out there using 750 words for their writing?  I’ve been a big fan of Write or Die, but I just recently heard about 750 Words on another blog and started trying it out.  It’s a fun site that reminds you every day by email to write 750 words, then tracks your statistics and awards badges and such depending on what you’re doing.  I’m liking it so far, although I’ve only been using it for five days and haven’t earned any badges yet.  I’ve also just signed up for the January One Month Challenge, which scares me because, while I definitely am up for the idea of being added to anything called the Wall of Amazingness, I do not want to end up on the Wall of Shame.

Just a reminder to any fellow Nano participants who are reading this, there is a survey up so you can give your opinion of this year’s event.  Be sure to answer the email if you got it, or you can find it write on the NaNoWriMo site.