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I think I’m going back to the gym today.  We have a great gym at our community center, and I was a member there.  I can’t really afford membership currently so I haven’t gone in ages.  I keep thinking that I must be a member if I want to go, but in reality since it’s a community center they have a per-day rate also.  I can just pay on the days that I go for now.  They also provide childcare for a very small fee so I don’t have to worry about what to do with M. while I’m there.
I’m excited about getting back to working out, even if it means going out in the cold.  I am in terrible shape.  Weight-wise I’m ok but as far as muscle tone goes, I have none.  I also have no stamina at all.  Physical activity just tires me out.  I was in much better shape, and I realize that at 38 I’m unlikely to have the same flat stomach I had at 22.  I just would like to go up and down stairs without it being tiring.  That’s just pathetic for someone my age.
So today I’m going to let M. know that she’ll be going to a fun new place with new toys and people to play with her.  Right now she’s watching a DVR’d movie (Beauty and the Beast:  The Enchanted Christmas) while I write and we have breakfast.  Then I’ll get us both dressed and we’ll head out before lunch.  I can keep her in the childcare center for up to two hours,  so I figure that will give me an hour and a half to work out (I really love the gym), and another half hour to shower and dress.  Solves the whole getting in a shower with a toddler running around issue too.  Then we can run errands together before we come home for lunch.  Unless we eat while we’re out, but I don’t plan on that.

So that’s my plan.  I’ll report back tomorrow and let you know if I actually follow through!