Paint CanNow that you’ve finished your spring cleaning (or once you do), it’s a great time to make some updates around the house.  Paint is the least expensive way to make a big impact in your home.  But painting does not come second nature to everyone.   That’s why I’ve put together a guide of just a few of the many blog posts on painting that are out there to help you become an expert.


How I Paint Walls

Blogger Whitney writes a terrific step-by-step post on how she painted her son’s room, including what tools she used and why she likes them.  She makes the process easily doable.

Family Handyman

10 Tips for a Perfect Paint Job

Ten tips from professionals to make your paint job look great.  Some of the tips I knew, like mixing the cans of paint all together in a bucket so the color is consistent, but others were great ideas I had never considered.

Miss Mustard Seed

Time-Saving Tips for Painting a Room

Miss Mustard Seed is a semi-pro painter.  She can paint a lot, quickly, and have it come out great.  Here she shares some tips on how she does it.

Canary Street Crafts

How to Cut in When Painting (Without Tape!)

In this post Amy gives detailed instructions on how she cuts in her edges without using tape.  She is VERY good at it.

Idea Room

How to Paint a Door

Amy (another Amy, not the same one from Canary Street Crafts) shows the best way to paint a door and get a clean, smooth finish.

Heathered Nest

Choosing a Paint Sheen

If you’re anything like me, knowing what kind of paint to use in each room is a mystery.  At least, it was until I read this post!  Heather provides an easy to understand picture of a house (a doll house actually) with each room labelled with the type of paint it’s best to use.  She also explains what each type of paint means–easy to clean, shiny, not shiny, etc.

This post is also the first in a “Back to Basics” series where Heather goes over some simple DIY info that’s helpful for anyone interested in making some changes around the house.