1999 Subaru Outback in Colorado Snow
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My life has just become immensely easier.  My husband just got a company car, so I have a car again.

We’ve shared our car for the last four and a half months.  His company will either pay mileage if you use your own car or, if there are any fleet cars available, give you a company car.  When he started there were no fleet cars available.  We planned to use the mileage payments to finance a “new” car, but couldn’t get a straight answer whether or not he would be getting a company car.  The difficulty was that if we got a car loan using the mileage payments to pay for it and then he got a company car, we would no longer have the funds for the car payments on the car we now wouldn’t need.  So we’ve been in car limbo for a while now, and it has been EXTREMELY inconvenient since he works across the state from where we live.  There has been a lot of adjusting schedules and borrowing my mom’s car just so I could pick kids up or drop them off as needed, and if Peapod didn’t exist we’d never have groceries.

Today, I drove Chris to work and he got his company car.  I have my car back.  I love my car.  Its a Subaru Legacy Outback (same model as in the pic, but silver and gray), and it’s great in the winter so now that I have it back I can actually go places.  Like the grocery store, and the bank.  And the library!  M. has asked to go to the library for weeks, and we never have a car so the answer has had to be no.  Now we can visit again, go to playgroup, get books, etc.  It’s very exciting.

It would be different if we were in a city, but we’re not. We’re in a place where streetlights are a rarity and there is no way to go anywhere if you don’t have a car.  Even the closest places are too far to walk in the winter with a toddler, so we have been getting seriously stir-crazy.  This will be a sanity-saver.