As with most of us, I love the idea of reusing and recycling things that could otherwise just be useless.  Pallets have been hugely popular over the years for the sheer variety of things you can do with them, either as a whole or by taking them apart.  Reclaimed wood, especially barn wood, is just as far up there in popularity.

If you are not as handy or just don’t have time to “do it yourself,” here are some great finds from Etsy that have caught my eye.  Check them out for yourself by clicking on the pictures.

handmade rustic reclaimed wooden pallet wood small 4 hook key rack shelf hanger wall rack 16" shelfThis first one, which I   love, is made by “designedbuystephanie” uses both pallet wood and sticks.  It’s a four-key rack, and would look great in any home with a country or rustic theme.   As a matter of fact, I think I saw something very similar recently on one of the Tiny House shows on tv.

Triangle shelf, small reclaimed triangle shelfWhile this shelf is very simple, I love that it’s triangular design is different from most of the wall shelves available.  It was made by RideAndDIY, who creates out of Los Angeles.

Rustic-Country-Shabby Chic Memo Boards



I have always liked furniture that incorporates chicken wire.  Whether it’s used in the front of cabinets or framed like this, I think it adds a rustic touch to any room.  This “shabby-chic” memo board was made in the UK by BBsWorkshopUK, and can be found by clicking the picture.



If you’re looking for a desk organizer that doesn’t look like every other box or cup, take a look at this one by ecokazen!  The shape is elegant and the dark stain makes it look very professional.

Reclaimed wood wall art, rustic wall decor, farmhouse decor, modern wall decor, wooden decor, barn wood decor, reclaimed wood

Finally, I wanted to include a piece of artwork that combines both reclaimed wood, and quilting style.  This star design would make a beautiful decoration in any living, dining or bedroom.  It was created by NorthernOaksDecorCo, and was in an episode of Quantico on ABC!  Pretty amazing.



I can always find more things on Etsy than I could ever afford to buy or find room for in my home, so I love the opportunity to share some of them with all of you.

Have you found any favorites of your own?  Share them in the comments if you’d like.

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