I received the products reviewed below for free from YouCopia in exchange for writing a review on my blog.  The opinions are all my own, and I tried them all out before writing the review and agreeing to the giveaway .

I was recently lucky enough to get to try out three new kitchen storage products from YouCopia.  I chose to test the Spiceliner, the Drawer Storastack and the Storemore Lid Holder.  First I have to say that my kitchen is in no way modern.  My house was build in 1900. I’m not sure when the kitchen was built but nothing in it is standard size.  As a result the storage products didn’t exactly fit well in my spaces.

YouCopia Spiceliner

 The Spiceliners come as a 6-pack of non-slip foam strips that fit in most standard-size drawers according to the packaging.  As I mentioned, there is nothing standard-size about my kitchen, so only 4 of the strips fit in my drawer.  My drawer was also too long, but the strips are plenty long enough for normal drawers.  Although it doesn’t say so, you could probably trim them to fit if your drawer is too short as well.  The packaging says that using all 6 strips will allow you to store 24 spice jars.  As you can see in the picture, with the 4 strips I used, I could easily fit 16, so that would work out to 24 if you are using all 6.

I like the way you can see all of the labels easily, and unlike the organizers for cabinets all  of them are easily reached when you need them without having to move or, more likely in my house, knocking over the ones in front.  The one concern I had was that there was space between the jars that seemed wasted.  The strips could have been tighter if they weren’t quite as wide on the edges and that would have left more room for another row.

Find the Spiceliner here at Target, or learn more on the YouCopia site.

YouCopia Storemore Lid Holder

 The Lid Holder comes with a plastic platform to keep the lids off the bottom of the shelf, and 7 adjustable dividers.  The dividers are coated metal so they won’t scratch any of the lids you store in the holder.  As you can see in the picture from my cabinet, I have lids in various sizes, and all of them fit well from the small metal lids to the large glass lids, although I did turn those in the opposite direction from the others so they were less likely to lean too far.  The result isn’t as perfect and straight as the picture, but it worked fine for me.  The holder fit nearly perfectly in my cabinet, with just enough room on the side for my pizza stones to slide in next to it.

Find it here at Target, or learn more on the YouCopia site.

YouTopia Drawer Stacker


I didn’t have a drawer of the right size or depth to try this in, but I did try it out with my plastic containers.  The Storastack says on the packaging that it holds 12 containers and lids, and is designed to work well with brand name disposable containers.

From the angle of the picture on the package, it looks like the covers stand up nice and straight, and the clip dispensers push up against the containers to hold them in.  Although it doesn’t really show in my photos, the lids do stand up fairly straight.  The containers sit on the bottom platform, but there isn’t really anything to hold them in.  The clips don’t actually touch the containers,s as you can see in my picture, so there isn’t a whole lot keeping them in.  It does adjust length-wise to fit if the drawer size is longer than the Storastack, and that seems to work well, but all-in-all this was not my favorite product of the three.

Find it here at Target, or learn more on the YouCopia  site.

I will definitely be continuing to use the Lid Holder, and once I’ve sorted out my kitchen and replaced some cabinets and drawers, I’ll be giving the SpiceLiner another go, but I can’t say I’m likely to start using the StoraStack.  That said, if your containers are all the square brand name ones, this may work better for you.  If they are a mixed lot like mine, it may not be your best choice.

YouCopia products are good, solid organizational products. They’re priced at a reasonable level for this type of item, and they also offer a number of other products to help organize your kitchen including the Shelfriser, SpiceSteps, the TeaStand and the WrapStand, which will be the next product I’ll be trying.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to organize your kitchen, YouCopia could be a good choice.  They are easily found at Target, on Amazon and at major home retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond.

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