Cough and the Common Cold
Cough and the Common Cold (Photo credit: RobertFrancis)

I thought we were safe.  We’d made it through all of our (admittedly mild) winter without a single emergency room trip for M.  No sickness, no hands slammed in windows, nothing.  Then, two days into Spring, M. woke up at 1 in the morning with a bad case of croup.  She was coughing and choking so hard she actually broke blood vessels in her cheeks, so now she looks like she has freckles, only she doesn’t.

The usual in and out of the steam and the cold(er) air outside didn’t help, but it rarely does with her, so off we went at 2.  She had a vapor treatment, a nebulizer treatment and 2 doses of steroids since she threw up the first dose.  We got home finally around 5 a.m. and she needed a snack because her stomach was now empty and she was hungry.  I finally got her back in bed, and went to sleep myself for less than an hour before I had to drive S. to school, get H. out to her bus and then call work to say there was no way I could run “Toddler Time,” or drive there to do so, on this little sleep.  My boss happens to be very understanding and not easily rattled, so she said not to worry, they’d figure out coverage and I should stay home.

Since my mom was coming to watch M. while I worked, she just came anyway so she’d be here when M. woke up so I could sleep for a more reasonable amount of time.

M. is doing ok now.  She still sounds a little scratchy and coughs every once in a while, but she’s on steroids for 4 days and has her inhalers too.  She’s just such a cheerful little thing.  Even at the hospital, she just wants to be friendly and tell everyone things about her birthday, and her toys, and her brother and sister.  She’s like a friendly little puppy.

How is your spring going?