Cleaning is my nemesis.  Can an action be a nemesis?  Probably not, but cleaning is mine anyway.  I love a clean house.  It’s getting there that is the problem.  Strangely, I love Spring Cleaning.  Maybe it’s because it means Spring is finally here, and I loathe Winter.  Or it could just be that it gives me a chance to look at my house and see what I like and what I want to change more clearly.

Whatever the reason, as soon as the daffodils start poking their leaves up out of the (often still snowy) ground, I can’t wait to get my hands on the house.

Another thing I love?  The internet.  Between blogs, magazines’ sites and Pinterest, you can find ANYTHING.  Don’t even get me started on YouTube!  With so much available, it’s hard to sort through it all.

That’s why I’ve put together this handy list of blogs dealing with Spring Cleaning.  These are just some of the places you can go to find great tips, schedules, lists and information to help you out.

Wrapped in Rust

Post:  How to “Spring Clean” Your House in 7 Days

This post is great for those who have time during the day to clean.  It focuses on a different area or task each day, and actually on takes 6 days to complete.  The seventh is so you can relax and enjoy your clean house.

Even if you don’t have all day to clean and get all the steps done in a week, it is still put together in such a way that it could be done over a few weekends.  Or you could divide each “Day” in half and do it over two weeks of evenings.  Either way, it’s still pretty quick.

Posts:    Tips for Streamlining Your Spring Cleaning – From one person who dreads cleaning to another, Jillee gives you some  methods for some of the most hated Spring Cleaning jobs including gutters, windows and walls.  She also has links to many of her cleaning articles for areas she doesn’t address in the post.

                Spring Cleaning Cheat Sheet (Printable) – After including some ideas to make cleaning feel a little less like a chore, she offers a printable list to help you know what to clean and how often to do it.

                8 Things You May Have Forgotten to Spring Clean – From air filters and ducts to your washer and dryer, this post reminds you of the things that are, as it states, “out of sight, out of mind.”

This site has many more helpful posts on cleaning, so you may want to check it out more on your own.

GYCT Designs

The GYCT stands for “Get Your Crap Together” which we all need to do.

Posts:  GYCT’s Spring Cleaning Series – From May, 2014 it’s still worth reading.  Each post in the series deals with a specific problem, from decluttering your closet to getting your kids’ rooms organized.

Making Lemonade

Posts:    31 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips – Starting with a free printable Spring Cleaning Calendar, this post walks you through 31 days of cleaning.  Each task takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Classy Clutter

Post:      7 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Really Sparkle – Great ways to go after areas you may have forgotten during your spring cleaning spree.

Clean and Scentsible

Post:      Kitchen Spring Cleaning Checklist – the first in a series of upcoming posts to have your entire house clean by May.  She just started this series on March 22, so if you want to jump in you still have time.


“One task, each day, all year.” That’s their motto.  As you can imagine there is a ton of information on this site.  It’s designed so each task doesn’t take too long (about xx minutes on average) so you never spend all day cleaning, just a small part of each day.

Powerful Mothering

Post:  Spring Cleaning with NO Chemicals! Recipes plus Free Printable Checklist – If you’re looking for an all natural, chemical free way to clean, this post will give you recipes and tips as well as a printable checklist for you, and one for the kids!


Post:      Spring Cleaning for Your Finances – What better time than Tax Time to get your finances in order?  Steps include Decluttering, monitoring your credit, double-checking your bills, negotiating for cheaper services, and giving yourself a financial “tune up.”  Note:  This is a sponsored post by Discover credit cards, but it is all very good advice just the same.  No one says you have to sign up for Discover to clean up your finances.