Science fiction 2
Image by Glamhag via Flickr

I have mentioned several times recently that I am working on a new project, managing and adding to a website.  I hadn’t mentioned the site before because I had (ideally) wanted to go over it with a fine-toothed comb before publicizing it.  I have managed only to go through some of it, but it only needs minor fine-tuning at this point, so I wanted to introduce it here.

ScienceFiction-Quality is the site created by my fellow scifi fanatic, Robin Larsen.  I have written reviews for it over the last couple of months, but have now taken over managing the site (although during the transition Robin has been wonderful about filling in the gaps as I learn all the ins and outs of the job).

It is a site dedicated to all SciFi fans, both new and long-term, and will hopefully introduce anyone interested to some of the best in SciFi.

The site reviews books, movies, short stories, authors and eBooks.  As time goes on we will be adding a blog and downloadable material.  At this point, we are concentrating on getting the site running at 100%, and on our newly-created newsletter/e-zine.

I have really enjoyed working with Robin, and on this site, so far and hope to do so for a long time in the future.  So stop on over and check it out.  Feel free to let me know if you think there is something that should be there that isn’t, although we have only just BEGUN with all of our favorite authors, books, etc. so it may just not be up there yet.

And be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you get updates on new reviews and information regularly.  The newsletter is a once-a-month feature at this point, although there could be special issues if something earth-shattering happens, so we promise not to overwhelm your inbox with daily updates!