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And by the ranch, I mean my house.  In Connecticut.  Which in no way resembles a ranch and is actually a cape.  But why split hairs?

I have been working hard at learning the ropes at the new site, and I’ve finally gotten through cleaning up the home page and all the secondary pages (the ones with links on the sidebar/contents list).  They look good, they are proofed a bit better.  I’m happy with how it looks, although in the future I might make some more changes, and I’m ready to move on to checking the other pages over and adding more content.  Once I have done that, I will link to the site so if you’re interested you can check it out.

Other than that, I have done a bit of article writing for the Examiner and for Associated Content.  Links to those are always on the “Published” page.  I keep that up-to-date so I, and anyone else who is interested, can find my work.

For now, I’m off to get ready to take M. to the Farmer’s Market, and possibly the Library Book Sale.  That may wait until tomorrow though, because I doubt she will understand that the actual library is closed and she can’t take out books today.  Tomorrow, my mom can watch her so I can shop in peace!

What are you doing this weekend?  Have anything fun planned?