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Right now I am a little over 1/4 way through the first revision of my book.  I’ve worked on it some this week, but not a lot because it’s been a busy week here with the kids on vacation.  I plan to spend a minimum of half an hour a day out of my writing time working on it, but more if possible.  I still expect to be half way through by the end of the month.

I have the kids for the rest of the week (the older two were with their dad until Wednesday).  We don’t really have anything planned, except for Easter dinner at my in-laws’ house, and we don’t have use of a car because mine died yet again.  Chris needs the working one for…well, work.

I am working on straightening the house a bit, writing, editing and of course blogging.  Oh, and reading!  I am in the middle of three books, and have just taken on a fourth to review so I want to get into that one soon so I can post a review in the near future.  I may review all four, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ve noticed an upswing in the number of visitors here since I started blogging regularly, and with more organized posts.  I hope it’s a sign of a developing trend, and not just temporary.  I’ve enjoyed posting more, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading more posts.  Feel free to comment if anything sticks out in your mind as particularly good or bad.  Otherwise, have a great night and enjoy your weekend.