I am planning on posting some crafts on Etsy. I have begun working on them, but haven’t completed any yet that are ready for sale. I have the store and a website ready and waiting, I just need to finish the crafts themselves.

One thing I was planning to do that I actually did was to melt down all M’s old broken crayons and make new shiny crayon “muffins” with them. They came out pretty and she has six new ones to play with. She likes them because she can shade a big area with the top or bottom, or color with the side. She’s been experimenting.

I really want the weather to be warm again. I have a room full of stuff that needs to go other places (thrift shop, books for the library book sale, etc) but it’s just too damn cold to be loading and unloading the car, especially with M. Let’s hope for Spring soon.