I’ve been looking at planners today.  It started as a simple search for a blog planner for next year.  I was actually trying to find the updated version of the one I used to use, but I can’t remember which site it’s from so I ended up in the 3rd ring of Hell that is Google search sometimes.  I looked at far too many printable planners, which can always suck away half my evening because I’m planner-obsessed.

Here are some of the ones I liked:




http://www.minivandreams.com/free-2015-blog-planner/  – I really love this one, and will be using at least some of it.

http://scatteredsquirrel.com/printable/2014-dated-calendar/#2015  – This one too.

I realized there are a lot of things I want in a planner, and not one covers all of them.  But there are lots out there to choose from, and I can take bits and pieces of lots of them.  Let’s see what I end up with.