I thought a little St. Patrick’s Day craftiness might be in order, especially because it is also M.’s 7th birthday, so here are a few of my favorite Pinterest ideas for you, with or without the kids:

Six simple St. Patrick's Day Craft ideas to DIY - get your green on for St. Patty's Day! #plaidcrafts #diy #crafts

Stenciled Serving Tray from Plaidonline.com

50 St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Ideas. Love the shamrock nails!

50 St. Patrick’s Day nail ideas! from Totally the Bomb

ST. PATRICKS DAY:Have students sort and graph Lucky Charms for a St. Patrick's Day lesson. I've done this before, but I like this updated graph.

A printable Lucky Charms graph for teachers, homeschoolers, or parents alike.  From What the Teacher Wants.

Strawberries festively decorated in covered in chocolate chips, shamrock sprinkles and green swizzle for St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s Day strawberries.  So delicious looking.  For sale at berries.com (although probably not super-hard to make at home…possibly not as pretty though).

Beautiful centerpiece for St. Patrick's Day or any occasion! Only $2 each!

I may do this!  I think I might even have all the ingredients.  From Two Twenty One.

St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Proof that the leprechaun was here!  From Happy Home Fairy.

M. and I are also in the process of building a leprechaun trap for her to bring to school tomorrow.  Apparently, Larry the Leprechaun is still at it, invading the classrooms and trailing green glitter everywhere!  He’s been doing it since well before my now 18-year-old son was in Elementary school, and visiting all three of the Elementary schools in town!  Such a scamp.  This year, M. thinks that a brownie will do the trick to tempt him into her trap.