I’ve been looking for ways to organize my kitchen, which is too small for the amount of food, dishes and small appliances I have.  I have what looks like a decent amount of cabinets, but the way they are placed and the way the corners are handled means they don’t really make good use of the space.  Eventually I will change them, but for now I need to maximize the amount of space I have without spending a ton of money.  While I was looking for ideas, I thought I’d share some with you!

Here are some of my favorite pantry pictures from around the internet:

From Classy Clutter:                           From The Creativity Exchange:

Pantry - Classy Clutter              Pantry - Creativity Exchange

From Living Locuto:                           From The Happy Housie:

Pantry - Living Locurto               Pantry - happy housie

From Arianna Belle, the blog

Pantry - arianna belle

From Mrs. Meyers:
Pantry - Mrs. Meyers

 Do you have a pantry or kitchen shelves you use as one?

How do you organize it?