So, for my first and second weeks of organizing I’m working on the half of my garage that has been used for storage, and our downstairs family room.  I’m sort of combining both over the two weeks out of necessity.

The garage has been used for storage since we went down to just one car, and my husband’s work truck.  The truck was too big to fit in the garage, and since we still had stuff we were moving over from the old house it was a convenient place to put it all temporarily.  His company finally gave him a car since you could see the road through the bottom of the truck, so now he’ll be able to park it in the garage once there’s room.  Also, we’re finally having our generator installed on the 15th, so anything in the way of the circuit boards or the generator itself needs to be moved.

The family room needs to be cleaned up and better organized because H. is having some friends over the weekend of the 10th for her birthday party, and they need a place to hang out where they won’t make the rest of us crazy.  Much.

While I don’t necessarily expect to have everything completely put away in both places, I need to sort out a lot of boxes and figure out which rooms everything should be in or whether it should stay here at all.

One extra thing on my list is to put together a table in H’s room.  It’s partially put together, but then we realized the screws they included in one part are NOT long enough for the parts they’re supposed to connect if we want the table to actually stay together.  They just about reach, but not enough to screw in securely.  I found the longer screws, so now I just need to do it.