Organization clears your path
Image by nist6ss via Flickr

That’s me.  Except when it’s not.  At home, I am a disaster.  I can’t seem to keep up with the housework, making dinner is a chore that I constantly have to remind myself to do, and no matter how much stuff I get rid of there always seems to be too much left over.  That’s “Home Me,” somewhere about half way between a beautiful house (although nowhere near Martha Stewart) and Hoarders.

Cut to “Work Me,” who is apparently a totally different person.  Here is a short excerpt from my review yesterday:

Her organizational abilities and attention to detail show in all the work she produces.

And no, my supervisor wasn’t just being nice.  At work, I am VERY organized.  I always have been, even when I worked in jobs I hated.  It’s even easier, comes even more naturally, in this job, which I love.

So how can I be so completely and utterly competent and organized at work and so…NOT at home?

In part, there are many more distractions at home.  Kids, husband, pets, TV, Computer; they all lead down a path that does not end in a clean and organized home or life.  Still, I’m trying to figure out ways to get my organizational skills, which based on my work life do in fact exist to show themselves at home.  Here are some things I know:

1) At work, everything has a place.  I’m still working on that at home.

2) At work, I move straight from one task to the next.  I do occasionally take a break, but only for a few minutes since I’m only there part-time.  On my “good” days at home, I do the same thing.  On the rest of my days, I can’t seem to build up any momentum at all.

3) I cannot plan any big projects for the two or three days a week when I have to transport my children to or from various places once I get out of work.  Just doing that, supervising homework, making and having dinner and getting M. bathed and ready for bed take up all of my time.  Those days are out as productive ones.

4) I need to make the most of the other four or five days a week when I’m home after work or off altogether.

How good are you at time management?  Work load management?