This has been a tough couple of weeks for writing.  My toddler is always home of course, but the older two have had so many snow days that I have had all three of them pretty much constantly.  While I have definitely enjoyed the extra time with them, I have had very little time to write and now have a deadline looming over me.
I am actually fairly close to finished with the actual writing, but will still need to retool it so that it is exactly what the client wants which is always harder than writing for me.  This is especially true when the project I’m working on is fiction, not an article or a review, because I hate to cut out the parts that I still like just for length or because it doesn’t really fit in for some other reason.
Still, that is what editing is all about.  Cutting out the parts that, whether you love them or not, do not serve the story.  It’s important that you don’t let yourself get caught up in your own clever turn of phrase or brilliant characterization just because you are too invested to see them for what they may be.  The clever turn of phrase could actually be a cliché hiding in plain sight (see what I did there?) and the brilliant characterization?  Sometimes that’s just a case of telling when you should be showing, or of putting too much detail into a scene that by all rights should be much shorter and tighter than it is.
I’m definitely not an expert on writing.  I am only just starting out.  I have been doing a lot of reading about writing in the last few months though, and it’s let me in on a whole world of information that I wish I had bothered to find out sooner.  I might have gotten started writing sooner if I had.  Knowing more about editing my work is just one of the things I’ve learned.
I have always wanted to be a writer.  Even back in high school, I thought that would probably be what I would do if I could do anything.  I went down several different wrong paths before I finally started down what I hope is the right one, or at least in the same woods.  All I can say about that is I’ll just have to chalk all those wrong paths up to “experience” and not beat myself up over taking so long to get here.  And that if you’re considering doing something, or have a feeling that there is something specific that you should be doing instead of whatever job you are now in, you need to explore it further, not just pretend it’s not there and go on being dissatisfied with life.  What are you waiting for?  So what if this isn’t the perfect time?  There IS no perfect time, there’s just now.