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I have officially changed the name of this blog from “Don’t Eat the Pancakes” to “Fameless Ramblings.”

When I started this blog, I intended to mainly write about my life with my kids.  The title referenced a kind of inside joke between my kids and myself, and sounded (at the time) quirky enough to be interesting.  Now, while I do occasionally include posts about them, that is not its sole focus.  The title has become just an obscure grouping of words meaning nothing to the bulk of my readers.

Fameless Ramblings has been the web address used for this blog since it started.  I like the way it sounds and, at least in my mind, sounds more like the name of a writer’s blog, not a “mommy blogger.”  (A term, by the way, that I don’t use in the sometimes derogatory and condescending way as some do.  I love “mommy blogs.”  I’m a mommy.  Just because a blog isn’t about something much more “serious” or business-related doesn’t mean it isn’t well-written and enjoyable.)

So there you have it. What do you think of the new name?