We ended up in the emergency room last night again. M. had croup. This is our third hospital trip for it in two years, our second this winter. I knew as soon as she woke up from her nap yesterday that it was coming. We planned to go out grocery shopping once she was up, but when I was walking in to get her I heard her cough that awful barking cough that croup causes. It only happened once, but I decided we’d better stay home so I could try to head it off. No such luck. She was fine all evening and went to bed after a good dinner and a hot bath. At 2:30 a.m. I heard the crying and coughing over the monitor and knew we were in trouble. We always try the home remedy first, a steamy bathroom alternating with a trip out into the cold, but it never works on her. Not even a little.

The first time it happened, Chris was in Florida opening a new office for the company he was working for at the time and I had his car, which wasn’t really working. We ended up going by ambulance because she got so bad. She had a nebulizer treatment and chest x-rays. The second time, she was calmer but she was struggling so much to breathe that you could see her really working her diaphragm to pull in air. The doctor worried about what would happen when she got too tired to work so hard, so there was another nebulizer treatment and some oral steroids.

This time wasn’t  as bad as it usually is. At home, it sounded like it would be but taking her out in the cold to drive her to the ER helped a lot. She was still having trouble breathing when we got there, but she was calm and happy and had the nurse and his assistant wrapped around her little finger immediately. She got a glove balloon, apple juice and TV as soon as we were in her room. The doctor gave her oral steroids and a cool mist treatment, but no nebulizer this time, and we got to leave around 4:15 a.m. instead of the usual 6:30 a.m. when she gets the inhaled medicine.

She has inhalers, but only needs them occasionally and hasn’t been officially diagnosed with asthma so far, but I’m pretty sure that’s coming. She wheezes when she runs too much, and her dad has it too. Today, she’s ok. She still has a cold, but it’s pretty mild. She’s a little cranky because she is tired, but otherwise fine. I am tired, but not as exhausted as I thought I’d be. Chris is exhausted, and at work. I’ve got my mom coming over to watch M. so I can grocery shop and maybe even sleep for a little while, although I think that’s just wishful thinking. So that was my night.

Yesterday I finished the first draft of a children’s book I’m working on for a client, the one that I mentioned in an earlier post. It’s back-story for a new series of educational children’s games. I’m having  H. read it because she’s 10 and the age range is 6-9. I figured she could let me know if there are any parts that won’t make sense to kids that age. I’m hoping to send it to the client soon. That’s about all I’ve been up to except for being a mom in the last couple of days. How’s your productivity?