Happy Thanksgiving week!

Last week was not a particularly productive one for me at home, but I did manage to post here three times so I’m not going to complain. The only thing I can check off from last week’s to do list is finishing M.’s advent activity calendar, but that was a big project. She’s excited to see what all the activities are so I had to hide it until the 1st.

This was a pretty quiet weekend. Saturday I ran errands and did laundry while M. stayed with her dad. Sunday we were both super lazy. I did a little cleaning and we baked cupcakes, but that was the extent of our accomplishments for the weekend.

I took a bunch of cookbooks out of the library because I want to find some healthy recipes that the kids might actually eat, and I also wanted to take out a couple of kids cookbooks that have actual food in them and not the usual recipes for crappy sugary snacks shaped like animals like most of them.

Right now I’m planning on trying some of the recipes from Deceptively Simple </u by Jessica Seinfeld. I'll let you know how it works out.

This week, I'll repeat much of last week's list:

1) Sort and file papers

2) Organize bills

3) Work on M.’s room

4) Photograph and post eBay items for sale

5) Menu planning

Have a productive week!