The weekend behind and the week ahead.

“Some people just need a high five. In the face. With a chair.”

Last Thursday was H.’s chorus concert. It was her first one since starting high school. It went well, I think. She looked adorable, although she’d kill me for saying so. The songs sounded pretty good. I think I like her chorus director much more than I liked the one my son dealt with for four years at his high school. That woman would have done better if she’d just gotten out of the way and let the kids direct themselves.

My son turned 18 on Friday. I love and miss him very much even though it is his choice not to contact me after some family issues. It makes me so sad that he doesn’t want me in his life right now, and it makes me even sadder to know that even if he comes back we will never have the relationship we did.

Saturday M. and I did our usual routine of Swap Shop, Library and laundromat. I found a pair of great chairs for the girls at the Swap Shop.

Sunday, M. had a friend over for a play date after ballet. They played at M.’s dad’s apartment because her friend is allergic to cats, and we have two at my place. The girls had a blast and wanted to know if they could do it every day. Or at least every weekend.

Sunday evening I worked on M.’s room and got a fair bit done. It’s starting to come together. The whole apartment is, although more slowly than I’d like.

This week looks like it will be either cold and cloudy or cold and rainy every day except Saturday. We don’t have any plans so far other than the usual unpacking and organizing.

Things to get done this week:
1). Sort and file paper pile
2) Organize bills
3). Work on M.’s room more
4) Photograph and post eBay items for sale
5). Work on advent activity calendar

What do you have on your list this week?