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This will be another one of those “new features” I talked about in an earlier post.  I’m not sure how often it will appear–weekly, bi-weekly or monthly–but you’ll be seeing it again soon.

I love writing prompts.  I’ve seen good ones and bad ones, and I think which category a prompt falls into depends as much on the writer using it as the prompt.  Something that might make me completely draw a blank might inspire someone else to write a best-seller.

If this writing prompt inspires you, use it.  If you’d like to share what you write, feel free to post it in the comments or even send it to me if you don’t want to share it publicly.  Either way, I’d love to see any writing based on my prompts.

If it doesn’t inspire you, I hope you will keep reading anyway.  Maybe something in the next prompt, or another post, will.

This prompt is in honor of spring finally beginning to show itself in Connecticut.

You’re going through some old photos and come across one you haven’t seen before.  It is a black and white photo of a young woman wearing a flowered dress and a hat, sitting on a white fence surrounding a field. She is facing partly away from the camera so you can’t see her completely, but she looks to be in her early 20’s.  You’re not sure if the picture belongs to your mother or your father, but the name on the back simply says, “Melanie.”  There are no “Melanies” in your family, nor have you ever heard the name mentioned.  Who is she?  What is happening in the picture, and where is she now?