Pictures of cellphones
Pictures of cellphones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I headed back to work today.  They managed just fine without me, although I’m pretty sure that my co-worker, who had to take my place at Toddler Time, would have rather I had been there.  Not that she doesn’t like kids, it’s just that it’s an exhausting hour and a half, and having it sprung on you without warning is not the best way to be ready for it.  I think I need to bake her a thank you gift of some sort.

I seem to have caught a head cold somewhere.  I don’t know if it’s the same thing that cause M.’s croup, and I don’t think it’s what H. had because my throat isn’t really sore, but I do also have quite a bit of contact with the public at work.  Especially with children who, as we all know, are little tiny petri dishes just waiting to infect someone.

Tomorrow is the family party for H. and M.’s birthdays, which were  both this month.  My in-laws, my mom and some family friends will be here.   I have work to do around the house, a cake to bake, and things to prepare.  I also have a headache, possibly a slight fever and the attention span of a ferret.  It’s not going well.

As for my cell phone, I use it as my alarm clock.  I distinctly remember setting it last night to go off this morning for work.  It has since vanished.  I thought I put it in its usual spot on my nightstand, but it’s not there.  I don’t remember it going off (which really means nothing since I turn it off in my sleep on occasion), and I tried calling it with no response.  So that’s another thing I’ll have to hunt down today.

Or maybe instead, I’ll take a nap.  Who needs a clean house, right?