goalsI’m at 50% of my April goals (see earlier post) which is still a lot better than 0%.  That’s where I was back in March, mainly because I didn’t set any goals.  I plan to improve in May.

My top goals for May:

1.  Pay all bills on time at least for the current amount due – stick to our May budget.

2.  Begin saving up a $1,000 emergency fund – Dave Ramsey’s “Baby Step #1”

3.  Cut back my diet soda consumption to no more than one can per day maximum.  I am fairly certain that diet soda, in all its aspartame and caffeine-filled yumminess, is killing me.  I know I need to say goodbye to my diet soda addition completely, especially to my personal favorite (Diet Coke).  I am just not ready to cut it out completely.  I have been better about it, and have cut back, but in May I plan to be strict about the one can per day limit.

4.  I will eat more healthily.  I will watch everything I put in my mouth and be aware of what I am eating, not just snack mindlessly.  I’m not saying that everything I eat will be healthy, but I think by being more conscious of what I’m eating any unhealthy choices will be just that–choices, With a conscious though process attached.  Is this small bag of vending machine junk going to be worth it?  Health and calorie-wise, and financially?  The answer may sometimes still be yes, but at least I’ll have put some thought into it first so that, I hope more often than not, the answer could be no.

There you have it.  My goals are financial and personal this month. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing or looking for writing and editing work, or that I don’t have job goals at all.  It just means that in May, my focus is my health and my finances.

What is your focus this month?