img_0983-1I did pretty well with my March Goals:

Take H. to New Haven for her birthday (March 7) – we went the day before her birthday, shopped, ate lunch at Five Guys, shopped a little more, and basically had a great time.

Birthday Dinner for H. – My dad came over and joined Chris, H., M., my mom and I.  We had a chicken dinner, but H. wasn’t feeling great so it wasn’t as good as it could have been.  Still, it was nice to celebrate her birthday, and she of course got nice gifts from everyone.

Send out invitations for M.’s birthday party – M. has a St. Patrick’s Day birthday, so we planned the party for the Sunday before.  She hand delivered invitations to her class, and I mailed a few to her former classmates at her old school.

Clean first floor of house before M.’s party – I cleaned the entire first floor and it looked amazing.  Of course, it’s fallen apart now between work and other weekend responsibilities lately.  But I’ll get it back to where it was.

Birthday dinner for M. – Olive Garden (M.’s favorite) on the Friday after.  We had a good time.

Find a dress for my work party – We have a yearly celebration at work.  It was at the Mohegan Sun casino this year in one of the banquet halls.  I did finally find a dress.  In my own closet.  It was one I’ve had, but never worn.

Prepare for Easter – I did most of that the day before, but I did get everything ready.  We had dinner at Chris’s parents’ house with his family.  H. was at her dad’s.  We also celebrated M.’s birthday with them.

Eating healthy and beginning to unpack my office didn’t really happen much.  But I’ll keep trying.  On to April.


Send out invitations for M.’s First Communion (May 1st)

Clean house for M.’s First Communion party

Create menu and plan for party

30 Day Blog Challenge

Weekly posts on Saturdays (at least)

What are your April goals?  The month is nearly half over already.  How are they going?