As some of you many know, yet another obsession of mine is Modcloth, an online boutique that has every cool and quirky dress or outfit from every decade a girl could want.  They also have great things to decorate your home, and no, they’re not paying me for this post.  I just love the store.  I can’t afford to shop there except as a very special treat, but I still love to window shop so that when I DO have the chance I usually already have my top pics narrowed down.  I have a special weakness for 50’s style dresses that predates Mad Men, going back to my college days when I found and purchased a strawberry-print cocktail dress with a red mesh “crinoline” style underskirt peeking out underneath.  The only thing that could have made me love the dress more would have been if it had been cherry-print instead of strawberries.

One thing I love about clothes of that era for women was that they were flattering, even if you weren’t a stick-thin model-type.  Admittedly women weren’t expected to be as thin as the magazines tell us we should be now, but because of that clothing was made for women with real curves and the clothes came in real sizes.  With that in mind, here are some of my newest favorites from the Modcloth 50’s-inspired line.

Small Business Spotlight dress in Dots

1950s Fashion - Small Business Spotlight Dress in Dots

The Best is Fete to Come dress

1950s Fashion - The Best is Fete to Come Dress

And Many More dress

1950s Fashion - And Many More Dress

 Demure Gonna Love This dress

1950s Fashion - Demure Gonna Love This Dress

Spectacular Spectacle Dress

1950s Fashion - Spectacle Spectacular Dress

Good, Cherry Good skirt

1950s Fashion - Good, Cherry Good Skirt

And possibly my favorite dress on the entire site, because–cherries!

Pull Up a Cherry dress in White

Pull Up a Cherry Dress in White

So if you haven’t been there, go now and look.  (Men, show the site to your wives/sisters/other women you know.)  Because if you haven’t been there, good god why not?