What are you currently…

Hearing?  The sound of commercials on the tv show M is watching, “I Wonder Why” in the background of a game.

Feeling?  Sad, which is normal these days. Tired.  Glad it’s the weekend.

Reading?  The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

Watching?  Sponge Bob…well, M is, and I’m in the next room and can see the tv.  I’m currently watching Supernatural Season 11.

Thinking?  About taking M to Target tomorrow so she can spend her Christmas gift card.

Wanting?  Time to myself.

Needing?  A plan for this blog, and a decision about the magazine.

Making?  Nothing.  No crafts, no stories, no …. anything currently.

Eating?  I just ate some Ginger Snaps.

Drinking?  Michelob Ultra

Planning?  A library trip for tomorrow

Loving?  My kids, my co-workers who always make me laugh (and sometimes their husbands do too, but that’s another story)

Enjoying?  My new coffee maker

Wondering?  If my cats and my dog will ever learn to co-exist peacefully.

Anticipating?  A trip to Target and Michael’s for planner supplies

Favorite things?  Right now, podcasts, beer, coffee, any time our dog is asleep.

How about you?  What are your answers?