Since this is the time of year when every “woman’s” magazine on the shelves boasts some sort of self-help/lose weight/organize your life article on its cover, and since I’m a huge sucker for all three of those, I figured it was time for me to jump on the bandwagon with my own New Year’s resolutions.   For the record, #1 should have been “Stop Procrastinating” but since it’s now January 2nd and I’m only just starting my list…well, why start my year off with failure?

1.  Work on being on time.  Especially to work.  They’re beginning to hint that those “start times” on my schedule aren’t rough estimates or suggestions.

2.  Clean up my damn house.  By this I mean a) throw out half the stuff in it, b) organize what’s left including finding permanent places for it, and c) keep it clean and organized.  No one should live like this.  Seriously.

3. Plan menus more and actually cook dinner each night.  Even if the kids aren’t home.  Just because I don’t have to make them dinner doesn’t mean it’s ok for me to eat four chocolate chip cookies and call it a night.

4. Blog more.  I like blogging.  I like taking the time to myself to think things through and write about them.  Or to just throw something up here to get it out of my head.

5.  Read more.  I never thought I’d have to include this since I’ve always been an avid reader, but since M. was born I rarely open a book.  I can’t even get through a magazine these days half the time.

6. Organize my money.  Pay bills on time, pay them off, save some…eat out less, rent less dvds…that kind of thing.

7. Start doing Brownies with H. since she’s been wanting to do it as a Juliette since we finished Daisies and I couldn’t run a whole troop anymore.

8. Spend more time with S. while he still wants to spend time with me.  Twelve is only five minutes from 18 and out of the house.

9. Go on a few dates with Chris.  We’ve been together 2 years now, and as far as “real” dates go, where you dress nice and shave your legs and go out to dinner or a movie or something fun without the kids…I could count them on one hand I think.  The trip to Miami is a great start.

10.  Decide if I want to actually start my business or if I want to just scrap the whole idea because I’m not a dedicated enough worker to be my own boss.  Seriously, without a boss there to see, I might not even show up.

So, I think that’s it for this year.  I’m hoping I can actually keep those.  We’ll see.  I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions because I don’t like having a list of things I didn’t do staring at me at the end of the year, but these are all things that actually matter to me.  Why not try what everyone else does and start fresh in the new year?  Not doing anything hasn’t worked out well so far, so it’s worth a shot.