1. Add other section to book.

2. Increase my use of social media to expand my network. I’m going to attempt to do this again since I didn’t do very well in May.

3. Actually start using the work schedule I created so that I’m more organized and have more time for M. and the other kids.

4. Publish one guest post on another blog.

5. Submit 1 new story/poem to one to three magazines/markets.  I want to try this again too, but on a smaller scale since I want to keep focusing on the book.

My kids get out of school at the end of June, and with the house on the market now this could shape up to be a very busy month.  I realize one of my continual goals, which I thus far haven’t seemed to reach, has been to get better organized and on some sort of schedule.  Frankly, I’m sick of hearing myself say it and wouldn’t be surprised if you are too.  It has always been a weakness for me (time management), but I plan to change that.  I’m always open to tips, but I know some things that work (or definitely don’t work) for me already, I just need to stick to it.

Do you have June goals planned out?  Is summer your “break” time, or is it when you have more energy for both work and play?