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June was kind of a nutty month for me.  The kids got out of school, I started a new part-time job at our library, I took on the responsibility of managing a site I had previously only written reviews for, and I had some mid-month excitement with my son’s hospital visit.  I also started writing for Examiner.com as the Mansfield Family & Parenting 101 Examiner, which requires a few articles a week.

I didn’t do as well on my goals as I had hoped at the beginning of the month, but I feel ok about it because my priorities changed as things in my life changed, and I had to change my goals as that happened.

I’m hoping July will be a bit more predictable, but if it’s not I will try to roll with the punches.  Or whatever.

1. Add other section to book – I didn’t do this at all.  The book got put on hold with all the other new responsibilities.  I’m still trying to figure out how to fit it back in to my life so I can work on it, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

2. Increase my use of social media. – I feel like I did well on this one.  I try to tweet daily, and have something to say besides “here, read my new post” and I share things on Tumblr.  That also goes on my Facebook account, and I keep in touch with people through there to some extent too.

3. Use work schedule to better organize my time. – HA!  This one is amusing.  It didn’t happen.  Not even a little.

4. Guest post on another blog. – I did not do this.  I have not had time to think about articles for other blogs now because I’ve had enough trouble keeping up with my own!

5. Submit 1 new story/poem to three magazines/markets each. – Hrm.  No, not this one either.

That’s it.  Like I said, I didn’t carry out much on this list, but I did do other things so I’m not unhappy.  I have lots to do in July, so stay tuned for my current goals.