Blog: If you’re here you know I did not meet my January goal of my posting 2-3 times per week. I still have this on my list, and will try again over the rest of February and in March.

Writing: I have decided to put this on hold until Spring because I’m busy with house-related tasks. I’m f course, as soon as I made that decision my mind began turning over the end of my book, trying to write it.

House: The kitchen is unpacked and put away. Some cleaning still has to happen, but there is much less left to do.

Family: M. and I have been working on cleaning the mouse cage so she learns how to do it. It has gone fairly well so far. H. and I haven’t had any time together yet, but S. stopped by the house.

Finance: I paid off one of the 2 debts I wanted to pay first, and will pay the second before the end of February. Monthly bills are being paid on time and I now have everything I need to figure out our taxes. I’ve started our mini- emergency fund and should be halfway there at the end of the month.

I didn’t accomplish app that I wanted, but I also did some things that were not on my list.

I cleaned and organized both linen closets, unpacking the remaining bathroom boxes. I also got rid of 3 bags of towels and sheet sets we don’t need.

On to my February. Here are the items on my February list:

Pay off 2nd major bill
Spend a day with just Hannah.
Clean kitchen and keep clean.
Get oil changed on car
Get damage estimate

That’s it so far! I’ll let you know how I’m doing soon!