Here are my goals for this month:

Blog:  Write and post 2-3 times per week;  comment on at least one other blog per day to support fellow bloggers; Track my stats better to improve reach; Look into web hosting (Squarespace, etc.)

Writing:  Edit first 1/4 of book adding detail where possible; research and write article I’ve had in mind for a while; submit article to magazines

House:  Finish unpacking kitchen; wash kitchen floor; vacuum all rooms; wash both bathroom floors; Clean downstairs tub (I’ve actually already done this over the weekend); Start arranging and unpacking my office.

Family:  Teach M. to clean her mouse’s cage and set up a cleaning schedule with her; spend some time alone with H. ; reach out to S. again before he leaves for boot camp

Finance:  Pay our half of bills on time and in full; start saving $1,000 for mini emergency fund (see Dave Ramsey if you want to know more about that); Pay two specific debts off this month; Calculate 2015 taxes

That is plenty to take care of for this month.  I’m already on my way, and I’m learning not to waste time on unimportant things when I could be using that time productively or spending time with my girls instead.  It’s easy to get caught up in stupid things (tv, social media, games, etc.) when you’re tired at the end of a work day, but it doesn’t help any.  I’d rather do a little each night than waste my entire weekend trying to cram everything in.

What goals do you have planned this month?