I recently got an iPod Touch as a surprise from my Dad.  He shipped it to me from Amazon because I had mentioned that my old Nano was stolen from my car recently.  My dad does things like that.  He can be very thoughtful.
I love my Touch.  I have apps on it for programs I already use online.  I have lots of productivity related apps and apps to help save money, both banking ones and ones for when I’m out shopping.  I have apps to keep M. busy when we are out (yes, they make toddler apps).  And I have three game apps, which can potentially cancel out all the productivity contributed by the others.
I let my two older kids each pick a game, and of course they both got me hooked.  Now, I have to be careful not to let them suck up my time.  One is “Fruit Ninja,” a game where you slice flying fruit and have to avoid slicing the flying bombs.  Fairly simple, but just the kind of game I like when I’m having a severe case of brain fry because you don’t have to think too much.  The other is “Tap Tap Revenge 3,” which is sort of the finger version of “Dance Dance Revolution.”  That one I could waste hours on because they keep giving us new songs when we level up, and I have to try the new songs, right?  Yes, definite procrastination pit.
My son, S., who is 14 commented that he could never own one because it would always be there in his pocket, calling “Come on!  There’s fruit just waiting to be sliced!  Who cares about history class?”  That pretty much sums it up.  So I played with it for a weekend, and now I’m making sure I don’t get caught up in it, as it is so easy to do.
It CAN help me be more productive instead of less, so that is what I will focus on.  I like listening to podcasts while I work around the house, or sometimes music.  I have apps for my various accounts, a timer app to keep me on track, and many more that can help me stay productive.  I just need to make sure I don’t get sucked into ones that pull me off track.  I’m still undecided whether I can manage that and still keep it with me all the time like I have been, but I think I can.  Besides, I never know when I might be stuck in line somewhere and need to use my Kindle app to pass the time.