Maybe hate is a strong word.  

But all those quotes we like to pass along on Facebook and Instagram are true.  Like the one that says, “A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

How many times have you decided to make a change–go back to school, start a business, redecorate — but life happens and you don’t have time right now, so you’ll do it next weekend?  And next weekend becomes next month becomes next season, and before you know it another year has passed by and you’ve accomplished…nothing.

What are we afraid of?  

Failing?  By now we know that not starting is worse than failing, don’t we?  A year from now if we do nothing we’ll be right where we are now,  just a year older and wishing we hadn’t put things off.  If we try and fail over the next year, at least we’ll know what doesn’t work.  We’ll learn from the experience and be that much closer to finding what does work.

What is it that you want to do with your life?  Are you doing it?

Believe me. I get it.  It’s hard enough to do this if you’re single with no kids.  If you’re a stay-at-home mom (or dad), or a work-outside-the-home mom (or dad) it may seem impossible.  I mean, for those who stay home you get to — most likely — be in charge of the majority of the childcare including all doctor/dentist/school-related appointments, the house, the pets, the errands, the meals…And if you have an outside job you get to add a 40+ hour work week to all that.

When are you supposed to find time?

But that’s the thing.  You’re never going to “find” time.  I’ve tried.  There are still only 24 hours in a day, and much as I’d like to add more awake time, I still require at least SOME sleep.

You can’t “find” time, you have to MAKE time.  You have to agree (with yourself) that you will spend a certain number of hours a week on whatever it is you want to do, and then you have to actually schedule it.  If you had to go to a parent-teacher conference after work, would you make time in your schedule for it?  Or an appointment of any kind?  Of course you would.

This is just like that.  You need to make appointments with yourself, your business, your writing, your blog, whatever it is you are putting off because you can’t find the time for it.

I’ll ask you again, are you living the life you want?  If you’re not, and you aren’t doing anything to change it, how exactly do you think it will change?  Chances are, it won’t, and that’s if you’re lucky.  In my experience if you’re doing nothing to make things better, they keep getting worse.

So my challenge to you is to make one hour — just one — over the next week to work on the thing you’re putting off.  That can be business-related, projects around the house, learning a new language, writing a book, anything.  Even if you have to do it 15 minutes at a time over 4 days, or 10 minutes at a time over 6 days, whatever you have to do, make time in your schedule (or lack thereof) and get moving.

What are you going to do?  Report back in the comments once you’re done if you’d like.  1 hour!  Go!