I can’t watch the debates.  I’ve tried.  It’s not that they’re dull or that they’re pointless, although they are both.  It is that at some point during the evening I end up screaming at the tv.  Still, every four years I forget this issue and make yet another attempt.  This year I thought I’d start out small.  I watched some of the vice-presidential debate.  It started out pretty much as expected.  There was the usual routine of backhanded compliments and respectfully hearing what the other was saying and then pointing out ever so politely how what the other person had said was not only misguided but generally an out and out lie.  I can handle that.  I mean, it’s irritating, but it’s politics. (Or is that redundant?).  But then Sarah Palin opened her mouth.  And what came out sent me over the edge.  Was it her stand on the war in Iraq?  No, although I don’t agree with much of what she says about anything.  But then I don’t agree with any of them as a general rule.  Was it her outlook on the economy?  No, I can’t honestly say what her position is. 

Sarah Palin said “nu-cu-lar.”  And my head nearly went up like an A-bomb.

Here are two socially (and especially politically) accepted words and pronounciations:

Nucular (instead of nuclear)



The word is nuclear.  Nu. Cle. Ar.  There are no letters between the c and the l.  Therefore it cannot, by any reasonable standards, be pronounced Nucular.  If you say it, I’m sorry, there’s no nice way to put this:  YOU ARE A MORON. 

And if you can’t correctly pronounce the word, you sure as shit don’t get to have a job where you potentially could be in charge of them.

Go home Sarah.  We don’t need your kind here.