Pulmonaria 'RedStart' X
Pulmonaria 'RedStart' X (Photo credit: Henryr10)

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, at least officially.  We’ve had spring-like weather for the last couple of days, and I couldn’t be happier.  The flowers are starting to come up.  So far we have had a lot of leaves with no buds, but yesterday we noticed some miniature daffodils in bloom, as well as a large purply-pink flower of unknown variety (we did just move here last fall).  Today some of the Pulmonaria started to grow buds.

I love going out each day to see what is coming up now.  My rose-bush is budding, as are lots of other trees and plants in our yard.  M. and I have been doing some gardening, mostly removing a covering of brown leaves from last fall, and I plan to get out my books and try to figure out what all the things in our flower beds and gardens actually are now that I can see them.

We’ll be planting a little on our own this year, but not too much because I want to see what’s already there before we make any major changes or additions.  We do have a few veggies to plant, and some strawberries, sunflowers and tomatoes.  And watermelon, if I know my girls.  Otherwise, we’ll just be enjoying what we already have.

I hope you’re all getting out into the beautiful weather if you’re up here in the NorthEast!  Do any of you have plans for this Spring?