Image by AKMA via Flickr

I’ll admit it. I’m an “instant gratification” person. I want results now. I want things done instantly. I want immediate feedback. I know this about myself, and try to squelch it as often as necessary because so little in life is instant. Good things tend to take time.

What I didn’t realize when I started on my campaign to improve this blog is that I would have to constantly rein myself in here too. I have been planning out posts ahead of time, and typing them up since I can schedule when they are posted. The problem is, once I type up a post, I want to immediately publish it.

I like to share my writing. I like to tell people about good things I’ve found online, or thoughts I’ve had. Generally, I want to tell you all immediately when I have something to say that you may (or may not) find interesting.

But posting everything immediately defeats the purpose of planning, and pretty much guarantees that I will run out of ideas and not have anything to post at all. Instant gratification is not always the best way to go. So in an effort to not burn myself out in two weeks, I’m sticking to my schedule. But I have some cool things coming up that I hope you’ll like too. I know I’m having fun creating them.